I felt a horrifying tickle on my leg during a flight — it was a man’s toe

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We all know the basic rules of flying: No smoking or using electronic cigarettes on the aircraft. Phones should be switched to airplane mode. Wear a seatbelt while seated. And, of course, respect fellow travelers’ space.

But one TikTok user was horrified when a fellow passenger didn’t adhere to the last, finding a man in front of her was touching her with his bare feet.

Tivona, who posts on TikTok under @teatinz, was on a flight recently when she felt something graze her leg. Looking down, the 24-year-old was horrified to see a man’s foot poking out from under her seat — which she noted in her 12-second video — were “cold” and bare.

In a clip with more than 27 million views on the app, Tivona captioned, “No way people actually do this. I’m flabbergasted.”

The footage shows Tivona, who appeared to be sitting on a window seat, looking disgusted before shuffling her legs over and zooming in on the toes wiggling from underneath her seat.

Screenshot woman looking horrified.
Tivona was horrified by the feet intrusion.
TikTok / @teatinz

Screenshot woman's legs airplane with toes under seat.
The tootsies crept in from under her seat.
TikTok / @teatinz

Users immediately commented offering suggestions as to how to handle the situation.

“Hot coffee spill should sort it,” joked another user.

“The way I’d stand on it because ain’t no way,” another appalled user wrote.

“The way I would stomp on it so fast ‘sorry sir I thought it was a bug touching my leg!’ ” laughed another.

A disquieting number of travelers have been the victims of feettal attraction, including a Delta passenger. who scrolled through movie options with his bare feet, the woman who used her naked hoofs to draw her window shade, and a flyer who stuck their “gnarled troll toes” under the seat in front of them.

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