I discovered a secret trapdoor in my parents’ 200-year-old house

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A blast to the past!

A UK TikToker was shocked to find a hidden trapdoor leading to secret rooms underneath the floorboards of her parents’ 200-year-old farmhouse.

Jennifer Mallaghan recently shared a clip of the historic abode, her parents’ home for nearly six decades, and the renovations that sparked the startling discovery.

“Secret rooms been hidden for years,” the mom of four wrote in the caption.

The 44-second video showed a man standing on a floor of rubble using a hammer to try to open a compartment in one of the hidden rooms.

Mallaghan quipped there were no dead bodies or buried treasure in the spooky area, which was being cleared of debris.

secret room
Jennifer Mallaghan’s parents have lived in their farmhouse for nearly 60 years.

A TikToker asked Mallaghan if she would be refurbishing the rooms so they can be properly used.

“No, unfortunately not honey. We just wanted to see what was down there. Disappointing no old treasure,” she responded.

The Post reached out to Mallaghan for comment.

secret room
A hidden trapdoor was discovered in Mallaghan’s parents’ residence.

Just last month, a Reddit user reported finding an array of personal belongings in a hidden area in her new home.

The poster assumed the door-like portion of wall in her closet was a normal cabinet. But it turned out to be a very personal hideaway.

A mattress, cans of non-alcoholic beer, a tampon, pads, a toothbrush, play money and a notepad were unearthed among other items dating back to the 1970s and 1980s.

secret room
The entryway led to a large basement with multiple rooms.

And last year, a British couple were “terrified” to find a “freaky” secret room concealed behind a wall in their home in Brighton, England.

The pair didn’t realize it was there until they started renovating their Victorian-era property.

secret room
The rooms were hidden underneath the floorboards.

The couple said they found cobwebs and a single iron bed in the creepy space.

The room was not used for torture, but reportedly as a place to store coal during the 1800s. 

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