Hilarious moment clumsy bride destroys her $350 wedding cake

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This mishap takes the cake!

A self-proclaimed “clumsy” bride destroyed her wedding cake during her reception when she accidentally knocked it to the ground.

Briana Dutton, 28, was slicing into her $350 buttercream cake when the whole dessert slipped and toppled over.

Only one slice was cut before the sweet treat was sent crashing onto the floor.

“Everyone would say I’m clumsy,” the bride from Sydney, Australia admitted.

She explained that the venue put the cake on a cake stand that appeared to be too heavy.

“I put the knife in to cut the second piece,” Dutton said, “and as I put the knife down the cake slipped.”

“I saw it happen in slow motion.”

Briana and Taylor Dutton couldn't help but laugh when their $350 wedding cake fell to the floor while cutting into the dessert.
Briana and Taylor Dutton couldn’t help but laugh when their $350 wedding cake fell to the floor while cutting into the dessert.
alexmarksphotography / SWNS

Before the bride could stop it, the cake was in pieces all across the floor.

“They said I yelled out ‘its buttercream’ as it fell,” Dutton said.

Taylor and Briana at their wedding
The bride from Sydney, Australia was cutting her second slice of her cake when the treat toppled over and fell to the floor.
alexmarksphotography / SWNS

“Everyone came running up to scrape cake off the floor, but everyone was laughing.”

Dutton and her husband, Taylor, 30, were quickly swept away for the first dance while their guests cleaned up the cake and served a few pieces that didn’t touch the ground.

“I freaked out thinking ‘That’s been on the floor.’ But they had cut the top layer that hadn’t touched the ground,” she said.

The cake mid fall
The self-proclaimed “clumsy” bride yelled out “it’s buttercream” as the cake crashed on the ground.
alexmarksphotography / SWNS

After the ceremony, the newlyweds were delighted to see that the hilarious moment was captured by the photographer.

The disappointing moment eventually turned into a great memory when the photos came out showing the couple’s shock and laughter.

“They are my favorite photos of the wedding,” Dutton said. “They are so real. I just adore them.”

Taylor and Briana walking at their wedding
The newlyweds didn’t mind too much and continued on with their celebration as a few guests snacked on the bits of cake that didn’t touch the ground.
alexmarksphotography / SWNS

“Everyone said ‘Of course, it happened to you’. I just couldn’t believe it happened.”

The wedding cake crash wasn’t the first mishap of Dutton’s wedding ceremonies.

The “clumsy” woman fell over during her bachelorette party and ripped her dress leaving a long tear down the back of her dress.

“I fell down the stairs,” she recounted. “The back of my entire dress split. My whole bum was showing.”

Briana on her bachelorette party
Dutton also had a mishap when she fell down the stairs during her bachelorette party.
Jessika Duffy / SWNS

Briana's ripped dress
Her friends were able to fix her ripped dress pinning her veil to the back of the outfit to hide her bum.
Jessika Duffy / SWNS

“My friends used my mini veil and pinned it to my bum like a rabbit tail.”

Despite the accidents, Dutton still remembers her wedding day being “perfect.”

“It really was the best day of my life,” she said.

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