Foster dog who got 1 month to live completes yearlong bucket list

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Her long life was a doggone miracle.

Annie, a 19-year-old black Labrador retriever mix, was surrendered to a Dallas animal shelter in June 2022, having been given one month to live.

Instead, she lived for a year and checked off an extensive bucket list — thanks to the two women who adopted her.

The foster dog who defied the odds tragically died last week after being rushed to the emergency room with a distended belly, according to a heartbreaking Instagram post.

Her stomach, as it turned out, had “done a completely 360 flip” that only surgery could repair, which wasn’t a pleasant option for an elderly dog.

Annie being held
Annie died last week after her stomach flipped.

She had just celebrated her one-year rescue-versary.

“When we first took Annie in we were told at best she had a couple months left…. Yesterday Annie celebrated her one year rescue anniversary!” the nonprofit organization The PAWerful Rescue wrote on social media on June 25.

“Annie had the life we pray every senior dog we rescue gets to experience. Annie didn’t just live out this past year… she THRIVED!”

Annie laying on dog bed
While her stomach could have been remedied with surgery, as a senior dog, the rescue made the difficult decision to put her down instead.

Annie’s foster moms, Lauren Siler and Lisa Flores, gave her the gift of “not one but two Christmases and birthday parties.”

The aging pooch even walked on the Texas Rangers baseball field.

“I had recently gone through that heartache and saw firsthand when a dog was telling you it’s time to go,” Siler, 31, told USA Today. “I felt mentally and emotionally prepared to take on a dog that wasn’t going to have long.”

Annie sitting outside at sunset
“Senior dogs aren’t flashy and they don’t inspire crazy donations but they are the dogs that call to us,” read the Instagram post announcing her death.

Annie in the car
Annie enjoyed burgers, steaks, desserts and people-watching in her final year of life, all while receiving fan mail and kind messages online.

Annie received viral attention online over the last year, as Siler and Flores attempted to give her the most lavish life possible before her time was up, feeding her donuts, steaks and In-N-Out.

While Annie couldn’t travel the country due to her age, fans printed images of her and took them on their own trips.

The aging pup also celebrated every holiday — even Valentine’s and St. Patrick’s Day — and earned a reputation as the “nosey neighbor” because she loved watching people.

“The mark she has left won’t soon be forgotten,” last week’s Instagram post read, in part.

“Senior dogs aren’t flashy and they don’t inspire crazy donations but they are the dogs that call to us. Without you sharing that passion with us we couldn’t do this work,” the post continued.

Annie in pool outside
Her foster moms provided her a vibrant last year of life.

Annie at party
Annie had just celebrated one year since her rescue when her stomach became bloated, and she was rushed to the ER.

Posting as @dallasanimalfoster on Instagram, Annie’s dog moms lapped up an impressive following of more than 36,000, often sharing her treats and bittersweet lasts leading up to her death.

Siler said she missed Annie’s “frosted face,” admitting that she tears up when she doesn’t see Annie cuddled up in her living room or sleeping beside her bed.

She mourned no longer having to attempt to coax Annie inside with treats when all she really wanted to do was spy on neighbors.

“People kept telling us she was having so much fun and enjoying life and that kept her going, and I hope that was the case,” said Siler, who hopes to continue fostering senior dogs.

“I hope she was having so much fun that she just wanted to keep living life.”

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