Famous sperm donor, Kyle Gordy, father of 65 children, wants to end ‘hobby’ and find love

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Kyle Gordy has fathered children around world as part of his company ‘Be Pregnant Now.’

One of the world’s most famous prolific sperm donors, who fathered at least 65 children, has announced his plan to stop donating and instead focus on finding real love. 

“I’m not that active [with donating] right now, as it’s no longer a focus for me,” Kyle Gordy told NeedToKnow.co.uk. “I want a relationship with someone and that’s the most important thing to me at the moment.”

“I’m going to stop donating – except for a select few – I won’t be helping so often, as I need to look at building that meaningful connection with someone who likes me, for me,” he explained, saying people can still reach out to him “if they’d like a relationship.” 

Gordy lives in Los Angeles and studied accounting and finance at Cal State LA, according to his Facebook page. He started donating sperm in 2014 and made headlines after he fathered four children in one month, according to The New York Post. 

He lists his status on Facebook as single and proudly lists himself as CEO of sperm donating along with a link to his website Be Pregnant Now. His page also includes numerous pictures of pregnancy tests, showing how long he has donated and how prolific he has been. 

Kyle Gordy selfie
Kyle Gordy, pictured, has previously said he would be open to a TV show where women would “vie” for his sperm.
Jam Press/@kylegordy1234

Gordy revealed he had briefly dated one of the people to whom he had donated, but the fact that he continued to donate his sperm proved too much of a deal-breaker and they broke up after two months.

“The woman couldn’t accept the fact that I was still donating and said it wouldn’t work long-term,” he said. “I need to find someone special who can accept me and what I have done in the past, but I don’t want that to get in the way anymore.”

Gordy earlier this year discussed his plans to try and create a reality TV show around his donations, forcing women to “vie” for his sperm, according to Jam Press. He claimed that being pickier with his donation “is a good thing,” though he claimed he wanted to help families of all kinds. 

Angela, a woman who gave birth to one of Kyle Gordy's many babies.
Pictured: Angela, who gave birth to one of Kyle Gordy’s many babies.
Jam Press/@kylegordy1234

In March, he mentioned that he donated to a couple that included one person who transitioned through the pregnancy, starting as gender-fluid and transitioning to male, which Gordy said was “really great to see.” 

His quest for love could force him to limit his activities or even end them entirely, as he would need to “re-evaluate my hobby entirely.”

“If my girlfriend only wants me to donate once or twice a month or perhaps even pick the people who I donate to, then I would need to have a long discussion with them about my situation,” he said. “I’ll agree to certain rules and make sacrifices for the right woman who I can make a wife.” 

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