Fake wedding proposals dividing TikTok: ‘Not a joking matter’

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Well, that didn’t workout.

UK fitness coach Fiona Simpson revealed her man’s “beige flag” — or, for the uninitiated, a moderately unattractive trait that isn’t a total dealbreaker — is his “fake” marriage proposals.

“My boyfriends beige flag is that he fake proposes to me when we are in a romantic moment & now I will genuinely think it’s a joke if he ever does it for real,” she wrote last week on a viral TikTok featuring faux-posal footage on a beach.

Men of TikTok are getting roasted online for pretending to pop the question on camera, much to their partners’ disappointment.

These faux-posals are raising red flags for women who don’t see the humor in the fairytale fake-outs. But others are defending the practice as, well, “practice.”

Will Young on TikTok with girlfriend
“I think if i carry on fake proposing — she wont belive [sic] me when i do,” Young wrote in the caption of the clip.
TikTok/Farmer Will

Will Young on one knee proposing to girlfriend
The prank proposals have drawn backlash, as some TikTokers call them a “red flag” and caution the stunts could backfire in the future during the real thing.
TikTok/Farmer Will

“Love Island” contestant Will Young, who is known as “Farmer Will” online, is at least self-aware.

His prank proposals — a self-proclaimed “beige flag” — occur “whenever we get a random person to take our picture,” he wrote last week on a video that scored 5.4 million views.

“I think if i carry on fake proposing — she wont belive [sic] me when i do,” he wrote in the caption of the clip of himself kneeling while holding his girlfriend’s hands.

Will Young proposing to girlfriend
While the couple appeared to laugh it off, commenters didn’t see the humor in it.
TikTok/Farmer Will

Meanwhile, TikToker Darren Clegg pulled the same prank as the sun set over water, a picturesque scene for popping the question — if only it was real.

In the video, his girlfriend can be seen shaking her head and smiling, knowing he was only kidding.

“I joke to much the day if shes lucky enough i do propose…she wont believe me,” he wrote in the caption of the clip, which attracted 2.6 million views on TikTok this week.

The two viral videos divided commenters.

“Don’t! My partner kept doing this and when he did propose I walked off,” one user cautioned.

“This is a red flag to me … do not mess with my feelings like that,” another chided. “This is not a joking matter.”

Darren Clegg and his girlfriend at sunset next to water
While TikToker Darren Clegg’s girlfriend appeared to call him on his bluff, viewers cringed in disgust.
TikTok/Darren Clegg

Clegg pretending to propose to girlfriend
But some TikTokers are defending the “hilarious” prank, saying it’s just practice for the real thing.
TikTok/Darren Clegg

“I would be so mad,” commented someone else.

“Just practicing for the real thing,” quipped another.

“Imagine she says no when you actually do,” wrote someone else. “Teach you a lesson.”

“The fact that he thinks proposing is a joke,” scoffed one person.

“Am I the only one who thinks this is hilarious,” one viewer defended Clegg.

This isn’t the first time unconventional proposals have baffled the internet.

Last month, a man got down on one knee outside of an airplane bathroom to pop the question, while another was ridiculed online for proposing with a short, scrawled note on a piece of lined paper.

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