Ex-convict reveals she made makeup in prison with Pepsi

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Beat for life.

An ex-convict revealed how she maintained her flawless makeup routine while serving 17 years in prison, concocting face foundation out of Pepsi and flour.

Taylor, who goes by @Taylorbnice on TikTok, revealed all the materials she used to be the baddest prisoner on her block in a three-minute clip with 17.4 million views.

Her full-coverage DIY makeup formula requires flour, cake mix or powdered sugar — as long as it’s white — Pepsi and hot cocoa mix.

The Columbia, South Carolina, resident takes viewers step by step through how she combined the items to make a liquid foundation, adding flour inside the dish, then pouring a capful of Pepsi and stirring the hot cocoa mix in.

“You wanna start off with a little bit, because if you put too much in the beginning you’ll mess up,” Taylor said in the TikTok clip.

In the video, she clarifies each product’s purpose, mentioning Pepsi helps to make the mixture stick to your face and that the cocoa mix is used to match your skin complexion, but if the color appears too dark, she recommends “adding more flour or powdered sugar.”

woman doing makeup
Taylor, @Taylorbnice on TikTok, shared her makeup hacks for maintaining a beat face behind bars for 17 years.

woman doing makeup
The TikTok incorporates Pepsi, flour and hot cocoa mix into her foundation mixture.

woman pouring hot cocoa mix
She advises people to be mindful of how much hot cocoa mix they use because that can impact the foundation color.

Once the foundation has a smooth consistency, she suggests using a feminine hygiene product to apply the liquid.

“If you want like a makeup brush, you would use a tampon and beat it in your face,” she admits.

Taylor proves her makeup hack by lathering the foundation liquid over a tattoo on her arm, which becomes nonexistent.

She even applies the prison-made foundation to her face to show its smooth, full coverage.

The liquid foundation can be used for facial coverage or hiding bruises.
TikTok/ @Taylorbnice

Taylor applies the foundation to her face to show its smooth, full coverage.

She also revealed that foundation isn’t only good for enhancing your physical appearance.

“If you want to hide a black eye, if you in prison cheating and you don’t want your man to see you cheating,” she says. “Well, this is how we do it.”

Taylor has mastered prison makeup and has even taught her more than 328,000 TikTok followers how to make eyelashes from Band-Aids and contour their faces with commissary items.

Now, the makeup artist is hoping to make a biz out of her DIY, starting a GoFundMe last week in the hopes of launching her makeup brand called The Prison Collection.

woman applies makeup
She applies the liquid foundation over her tattoo to prove how well it works.

woman shows makeup coverage
Taylor is working toward starting a makeup line after receiving positive feedback on her tutorials.
TikTok/ @Taylorbnice

Makeup enthusiasts were shocked to see Taylor’s extraordinary makeup results in her viral videos.

“I paid 80-90 dollars for foundation and your concoction has so much better coverage then mine,” gushed one person. “But why does this look way better than a lot of name brand foundations.”

“Prison have some of the best chemist,” joked another. “Nah cause, why is it full coverage AND edible. I’m sold.”

“My skin would break out so bad,” commented one naysayer. “I’d be afraid the ants would eat my face.”

However, some people were perplexed over Taylor’s 17-year prison sentence.

“Story time cus I need to know why you did 17 years lol,” demanded a viewer. “17 yearssss?! You must’ve went in as a toddler.”

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