Dog nanny post with $127K salary yanked due to too many applicants

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It got too much puppy love.

The job posting for a full-time dog nanny with a salary of $127,227 a year — which went viral — had to be taken down because of the overwhelming influx of responses.

The ad, which has since been deleted, was shared on LinkedIn two weeks ago — and after much media attention — applications rose from 300 to more than 2,000 in a span of a few days, according to Fox KTVU.

It was created by Fairfax and Kensington, a high-end international recruitment agency, for a billionaire American family now based in London.

Dog in stroller
The UK job posting for a full-time dog nanny with a salary of over $127K, had to be removed due to an influx of applications.
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The ad asked for an “exceptional and highly experienced” person to “provide top-tier care for their two beloved dogs.”

“They are truly looking for someone at the top of their field who can ensure the overall well-being, happiness, and safety of their dogs,” the post continued.

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