Doctor shares tips on how to fight jet lag for travelers

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As thousands are set to go away on vacations in the coming months, one doctor decided to share some tips for fighting jet lag.

Taking to Instagram, Dr. Michael Mrozinski, a British General Practitioner who travels frequently between the UK and Australia, revealed his secret to beating jet lag, a “skill” Mrozinski calls “a superpower.”

Mrozinski’s tips are centered around sleeping methods and skin care to combat that temporary lull experienced from traveling to different time zones.

Mrozinski’s superhero alter-ego needs a sidekick, which he says is an eye mask, and paired with earbuds allow the two items allow him to catch some sleep during the flight, as they block out any light and noise coming from the other passengers.

“Eye mask! My trusty sidekick! These sleep saviors ensure a peaceful snooze onboard. Plus, they make me look like a mysterious superhero,” Mrozinski wrote to his over 12,000 followers.

“Ear plugs: A necessity for all frequent fliers! Blocking out those crying babies and snoring seatmates helps me catch those precious Zzzs,” Mrozinski added. “Plus, I can pretend I’m in my own silent world of tranquility.”

British doctor Michael Mrozinski shared nine tips he uses to beat jet lag.
British doctor Michael Mrozinski shared nine tips he uses to beat jet lag.
Instagram / drmichaelsays

Mrozinski said keeping a strict sleep schedule helped him adjust to the different time zone, but when sleep evades the doctor, a small dose of melatonin will help kickstart the dreams, “this natural hormone helps regulate my sleep patterns, ensuring a restful night and a refreshed morning.”

Mrozinski likes to get to the sun right away upon landing at his destination as it gives him some needed energy after being sat the entire flight.

“Natural sunlight helps reset my body clock and puts a pep in my step. It’s like a warm welcome from the local time zone,” the doctor wrote.

When he finally settles in after a long day of flying, Mrozinski takes in some additional nourishment to help his body heal.

“Recharge with electrolytes: Jet lag can be draining, so I stay hydrated with electrolyte-packed water! These little sachets of energy keep me feeling like a superhero on a mission,” Mrozinski said.

Turning his attention to his skin and lips, Mrozinski says moisturizer and Vaseline help him get rid of the dryness of the epidermis.

So, while my body adjusts, my skin stays glowing like I just stepped out of a spa!” the doctor said of his “secret weapon” Cerave moisturizer.

Mrozinski also uses a steroid nasal spray to combat a stuffy nose he gets from the dry airplane air.

The doctor ended his post with a reminder for people to “prioritize self-care and catch up on sleep whenever you can.”

Mrozinski says it's important to "prioritize self-care and catch up on sleep whenever you can."
Mrozinski says it’s important to “prioritize self-care and catch up on sleep whenever you can.”
Instagram / drmichaelsays

Fellow flyers took to the comments to share tips they use to beat jet lag.

“My tips are not to drink alcohol or caffeine on the flight, eat some healthier food on plane (pack your own) bring herbal tea in a thermos to drink – staff will refill. Try to arrive at destination during day for sunlight, & then stay up until 8 or 9pm and then a long sleep. Usually fine the next day!” Aleisha Leonard commented.

One commenter suggested age is also a factor for jet lag, sharing a story on how when they were younger, taking a trip from Canada to Asia was easier and has gotten “progressively harder to avoid jet lag for a day or two.”

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