‘Daisy Dudes,’ skimpy Shein shorts for men, divide Twitter

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Sir, thigh cheeks are turning red.

Leaving little to the imagination, a pair of itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny denim hot pants for men are garnering critical hot takes on social media.

And online objectors have deemed the NSFW jeans — which only scarcely cover the crotch and rear-end —“disgusting” and “a big HELL NO.”

“They call them Daisy Dudes,” tweeted a cheeky hater of the revealing togs, likening the minuscule shorts to those famously worn by actress Catherine Bach as “Daisy Duke” on the ‘70s sitcom “The Dukes of Hazard.”

The cropped bottoms in question are listed as the “Manfinity Fever City Men Cotton Raw Trim Denim Shorts” for $10.99 on fast fashion behemoth, Shein. And patrons of the site seem to be tickled pink over the eye-popping pants. 

Model in Shein's Manfinity Fever City Men Cotton Raw Trim Denim Shorts.
Twitter is hopelessly divided over a tiny pair of Shein hot pants for men.
Jam Press

“Love the fit in these. [My] booty was popping in these,” raved an anonymous customer in the reviews. 

“Got these for my husband as a gift. He said he is wearing these to the beach this summer,” said another satisfied shopper. 

“Hot [as f- -k]. I looked snatched,” wrote an equally pleased risktaker. “Everything was covered except my thighs.”

A close-up of the model's thigh in Shein's Manfinity Fever City Men Cotton Raw Trim Denim Shorts.
One Twitter user jokingly labeled the denims, “Too high to hug the thigh.”
Jam Press

A screenshot of  the Manfinity Fever City Men Cotton Raw Trim Denim Shorts on Shein's website.
Fans of the shorts said they were “cute on the booty” and provided adequate coverage, according to customer feedback on the Shein site.
Arellano, Juan

Rear image of a model in Shein's Manfinity Fever City Men Cotton Raw Trim Denim Shorts.
Critics on social feared they’d be “banned from outside” if they dared to don the itty-bitty briefs.
Jam Press

But while fans of the fanny-baring trunks couldn’t help but sing their praises, Debbie-downers on Twitter — where an image of the hip-huggers has amassed over 11,000 views —  eagerly gave the shorts a massive thumbs down. 

“Yeah…that’s going to be a hard pass for me,” said a negative Nancy. 

“My junk would come out the side to say hi,” chimed another cynic, suggesting that the tiny garb would fail to contain his genitals.  

A screenshot from a Twitter user who compared the short to those of fictional sitcom character "Daisy Duke."
Social media wisecrackers savagely bashed the jeans for their ultra-short cut.
Jam Press

Model in Shein's Manfinity Fever City Men Cotton Raw Trim Denim Shorts.
On Shein, customers left glowing remarks about the jeans, saying they complement their frames and enhanced their physical attributes.
Jam Press

A screenshot of a Twitter user suggesting that his genitals would fall out of the shorts.
Online, many joked about the lack of coverage the shorts offer in the crotch area.
Jam Press

An additional tweeter teased, “Be sure to tuck with duct tape, before putting on those redneck speedos,” while other keyboard comedians joked that the mere sight of the skimpy jeans would give them “nightmares,” and that wearing the shorts would render them “banned from outside.” 

But guys sporting short-shorts is far from a new craze.

In fact, men who dared to don shorts with a bitty 5.5-inch seam were virally revered as “hot” on TikTok during the summer of 2020.

A-listers like “This Is Us” star Milo Ventimiglia were, too, lavished in social media adulation for rocking a pair of high-cut denim in 2021, seeing hot-to-trot folks on Twitter write: “Can’t wait to shamelessly objectify men with thick thighs this summer. [You] better be wearing short shorts. I just love a thick’ums.”

And for this summer’s wave of the fashion phenomenon, a handful of open-minded fashionistas, too, seem to be enticed by the bold look, with one writing, “Wish my legs looked that good.” 

“Hot boy summer here we come,” cheered another. 

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