Couple’s wedding favors roasted online: ‘Completely pointless’

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Forget these memintos.

Members of the private Facebook group That’s it, I’m wedding shaming are reportedly slamming a pair of newlyweds for their “pointless” wedding favors.

The tiny take-home gift under fire is two unwrapped Polo breath mints, which are made in the UK, in a plastic bag with a sticker that reads: “Thanks for celebrating with us.”

“Can I shame everyone who does completely pointless favors please?!” the uploader of the photo breathlessly wrote in the Facebook group, according to The US Sun.

“I don’t want a keyring with your wedding date on it. I don’t want a bottle opener. I definitely don’t want two polos in a pointless plastic bag,” the poster continued. “In fact, I think we should just get rid of favors, we have moved past the need for wedding favors.”

The shade sparked a heated discussion about whether wedding favors should be customary or are just a waste of money.
The shade sparked a heated discussion about the need for wedding favors.
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The post sparked heated discussion, as commenters debated whether wedding favors are a waste of money. The group, which began in 2018, touts 88,000 members.

One member argued that some favors can have practical uses.

“I used little jars of honey from our local beekeeper. I think wedding favors are nice and shows that the couple is thanking you in a tiny way,” someone said, per The Sun.

“I did hand sanitizer since it was a Covid wedding lol, safe to say all were taken,” another boasted.

One wedding-shamer in the group actually offered praise.

“I went to a wedding where the favor was a cutting board and cheese cutter! And they also handed out flats to anyone wearing heels so they could dance during the reception. It was awesome,” they wrote.

Woman slams couple's wedding favors: 'Completely pointless'
Members of the shameful Facebook group stated that wedding favors are nice when they can be used past the wedding.
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Another person claimed that couples usually have a lot of leftovers when their wedding favors are “useless items” like plants.

“Like nobody takes plants,” they declared.

“It doesn’t have to be gaudy or expensive, but it also isn’t required at all,” another person weighed in. “It depends on what the couple wants, not what you want. Don’t like it? Don’t take it.”

Meanwhile, a father of the bride hilariously interrupted his daughter’s wedding by bringing a step stool to the altar for the short groom, so that the happy couple could stand eye-to-eye for their first kiss.

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