Cheeky father of bride gives groom step stool to kiss taller wife at altar

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For better or for worse, in shortness and in help.

The father of a bride stole the show at his daughter’s wedding by bringing her short king and husband-to-be a step stool in an unforgettable moment captured on video.

Amanda, from Hammond, Louisiana, married William Bunns, 33, in an outdoor ceremony that took place on April 16, 2021.

But in a resurfaced clip from the big day, Amanda stands at 6 feet tall — clearly six inches taller than William who is shorter at 5-foot-6.

“One day, weeks prior to the wedding, my dad and I were discussing the wedding and he jokingly said, ‘I hope you don’t plan on wearing heels!’ I just laughed and told him, ‘No,’” Amanda recalled to The Post on Thursday.

“But that was when my dad mentioned bringing out a step stool for William to stand on for the kiss.”

Amanda and her father, Rusty Varnado, 63, decided his time to shine should be right as the minister was about to pronounce the couple husband and wife.

“Hold on, hold on,” Varnado could be heard interjecting during the service as he approaches the altar.

Amanda is 6 inches taller than her husband, William without heels.
Without heels, Amanda is 6 inches taller than her husband, William.
T&T Creative Media

Both Amanda and William looked shocked and confused before bursting into laughter at the sight of Varnado’s practical joke.

Amanda told The Post she was simply playing along.

“He [Varnado] was so tickled and filled with excitement,” she said. “We laughed about it for weeks before the wedding.”

The couple seemed confused when they heard Amanda's dad coming towards the altar.
The couple seemed confused when they heard Amanda’s dad coming toward the altar.
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William’s groomsmen loved the giggle as they rewarded him with big smiles, hugs, and handshakes before Varnado let the couple seal their love with a kiss.

People on TikTok also applauded the move, claiming that because Varnado roasted William on his special day, that meant he and his father-in-law must have a great relationship.

“That was awesome. That’s how you know you married into a winning family,” one commented.

Cheeky father of bride gives short groom step stool to kiss wife at altar
Her dad provided his son-in-law with a step stool to be at eye level with Amanda.
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Another added: “They are gonna have [a] happy life! Humor and love will get them through the toughest days.”

Kevin Hart is that you,” more than one person joked about William’s resemblance to the also-diminutive, 5-foot-2½ comedian.

“I love the relationship that my father and husband have,” Amanda told The Post. “Not everyone gets to experience that and because my father has always been one of the most important people in my life, I love seeing him have such an amazing and close relationship with now the most important person in my life.”

Cheeky father of bride gives short groom step stool to kiss wife at altar
The groom got an apparently much-needed boost — and everyone had a laugh about it.
T&T Creative Media

Cheeky father of bride gives short groom step stool to kiss wife at altar
Amanda Bunns told The Post that she was in on her father’s practical joke.
T&T Creative Media

At least Varnado’s joke went over well, unlike that of a woman on Reddit who was deemed “selfish” and “toxic” after “ruining” her friend’s wedding during her maid of honor speech, declaring that the newlywed bride’s relationship had destroyed their friendship.

Another woman was also criticized online for shockingly wearing a white gown to her friend’s big day.

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