‘Can’t pay for milk with his paintings’

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It’s the true art of the steal — child support edition.

Hunter Biden, 53 has settled his ongoing child custody dispute with baby mama Lunden Roberts by striking a rather strange compromise.

The beleaguered First Son will not give his love-child Navy Roberts, his last name – as requested by Lunden.

But the amateur artist will give her one of his paintings.

A bizarre clause in the settlement stipulates that Hunter provide Navy, 4, with the proceeds from an undisclosed number of his novice works for an undisclosed period of time.

And lucky Navy. She can even keep one of his abstract masterpieces for herself, and save it for her personal collection or in a “gallery designated by Lunden Roberts.”

Lunden Roberts and Navy Roberts, Hunter Biden's baby-mama and love-child.
Hunter Biden’s babymana Lunden Roberts, has been locked in a child-support battle with Hunter Biden over their daughter Navy Roberts, conceived when she was a stripper and he was on a crack binge.
Lunden Roberts/Instagram

Last week, The Post reported that a source close to the first son saying Roberts had agreed to a reduced monthly payment of $5,000 from $20,000.

Famed New York divorce attorney Raoul Felder called the artistic arrangement, “preposterous.”

“I’ve done over 3,000 cases in my lifetime, and you get all kinds of experiences,” he told The Post

“But I’ve never heard anything like giving a child a painting for child support. Child support is not supposed to be based on making the child an art collector. Mothers need support. You can’t pay for milk with a painting. The landlord doesn’t want your paintings.”

Attorney and author Jeffrey S. Stephens, who co-wrote divorce guide, “The Road to Splitsville” was also shocked.

Hunter Biden naked.
Huntr has gone from selfies to abstracts after rehab but will nowbe handing over some of his works to his love child.

Hunter Biden's artwork.
The First Son’s work has gone on display in a SoHo gallery, but now some will go to Navy Roberts in a deal which avoids her gaining the Biden surname.

“Put me down for laughing out loud,” he told The Post. “I’ve done celebrity divorces that aren’t nearly this weird.’”

Stephens, who is based in Greenwich, Conn, has overseen divorcing celebrity clients making creative settlements in terms of their children’s future, but none with sets of abstracts.

One wealthy client who split from his wife of many years paid for extras like trips overseas or culinary school tuition.

“I had one divorcing couple where the daughter wanted to open a diner, so they bought her a diner. These things happen, but they are always backed by the gold standard. The money is there,” said Stephens, adding that Biden’s paintings aren’t guaranteed to be worth anything.

Hunter Biden artwork
Art by the First Son has gone on sale in SoHo, but its buyers are shrouded in mystery, raising ethics red flags.

A courtroom sketch including Hunter Biden.
One artwork Lunden Roberts will not be offered is this court sketch of Hunter during the now-settled child-support case.
John Kushmaul/MEGA

“These are not assets with established markable value,” he said. “Forget about future promises.”

California family law attorney Kelly Chang Rickert, notes that the law states that divorcing parents must pay child supported and there is a formula in the state of California. She said they can always pay above the guidelines but never below.

Chang Rickert said clients have come up with ‘interesting’ or ‘creative’ ways to work through negotiations. In one case where the kids are in their teen years, she’s seen the payor foot the bill for college education instead of child support, which would have only been about $500.

A graduation cap made of cash.
Some parties make child support deals where the payor offers to fund college tuition.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

“Since child support ends at 18, this was a pretty good deal,” she told The Post.

She’s also had a client with a young child where the father paid for the mother’s mortage instead of of child support.

In another case, where the father was an actor and the mother worked in tech, balancing alimony and child support had a surprise outcome.

“Though Mom out-earned Dad, she had more custody (80-20), so Dad was ordered to pay child support.  However, because Mom out-earned Dad, she owed him alimony.  The dad was able to avoid child support by waiving alimony.”

A diner.
One of Jeffrey S. Stephens’ clients bought their daughter a diner as part of the child support settlement.
Getty Images/iStockphoto

On the juicier end, Chang Rickert’s colleague had a client who was a married doctor and cheated on his wife with an instagram model, whom he impregnated.

“No paternity papers were ever done. They entered into a hush-hush contract (probably unenforceable!) that he would pay her $5 million and she would disappear with the baby. The doctor’s wife never knew.”

Also she has seen men avoiding child support by offering money to terminate the pregnancy with “abortion contracts.”

“I had a prospective client, who was four months pregnant call me and ask if she should terminate her pregnancy for $1 million.”

Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, Beau Biden
Hunter has avoided giving Navy Roberts the Biden surname. He has four children, the youngest Beau, named for his dead brother, who has been seen at the White House with President Biden.
Julia Nikhinson – Pool via CNP / MEGA

A representative for Biden did not respond to a request for comment.

Biden’s artwork has been on display at the Georges Berges Gallery in SoHo. In December, his most expensive piece was going for $225,000 – though any sales have been mired in mystery, which has raised ethical red flags.

Stephens raised another red flag: “He’s a painter of questionable talent. This is all so narcissistic.”

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