Candy fans shocked over the meaning of ‘Twix’ chocolate bar

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There’s a deeper meaning behind your favorite chocolate bar.

Candy fans are in disbelief over what Twix means — after a 2018 tweet resurfaced exposing its sweet truth.

The popular treat, manufactured by Mars, consists of two bars of caramel shortbread biscuit coated in chocolate, packaged in a gold wrapper with “Twix” written in red.

The chocolate bar came to the US in 1979 and has been a popular fixture in the candy section ever since. However, the meaning behind its name isn’t common knowledge, apparently.

In the tweet, user Fooji tweeted at Twix, asking: “I read that “Twix” is short for ‘twin biscuit sticks.’ Can you confirm or deny this?”

Twix said they were “close” to the truth — but still not 100% correct.

“It’s short for ‘twin sticks,’” they explained.

Twix bar with chocolate bar sticking out.
The popular chocolate bar has fans dumbfounded when they realized the meaning of its name.
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Close up of Twix chocolate bar.
The candy comes with two sticks of shortbread and caramel covered in chocolate.
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It’s not the first time chocolate has left fans bewildered. A TikTok clip from a chef blew the minds of chocolate lovers in June after it revealed the right way to eat the triangular Swiss chocolate bar Toblerone.

According to the chef, while it may seem natural to snap off one of the chocolate pyramids to snack on, the correct way is to bend two pieces towards each other until they snap — then enjoy the sweet treat.

Halloween was a shocking time for candy lovers as well, with many dumbfounded over a Kit Kat secret.

YouTube user Zack D. Films posted a viral clip to the platform, explaining when the popular chocolate is made, a few will often break. However, instead of throwing them out, they crush the wafer up and add it to the next batch of Kit Kats — which users loved.

“Thank god they don’t throw it out like other companies,” one user commented.

“Tbh I’m not complaining, more Kit Kats means more happiness towards me,” another joked.

“That’s literally 100% more kitkat per kitkat,” another quipped.

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