Beware the return of a long-lost lover

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Welcome to July star seeds and the the oceanic, homebound feels of Cancer season. As we embark on the month ahead we do so with some interesting astroweather afoot and under star.

July begins with a full super moon in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn on July 3, encouraging all of us to give space and structure to our inner worlds while making our way towards the proverbial mountain of achievement; whether that be writing a dissertation or simply getting out of bed and putting one foot in front of the other on the hobbled road to wholeness. 

As a cardinal water sign, Cancer season is rightly a time to get in touch with our deep needs and unconscious longings but daddy Capricorn also wants us to get real and resolved about making long term plans and consistent progress.

The new moon in Cancer arrives with its medicine mid-month on July 17. Cancer is as fluctuating as it is deeply feeling. This new moon is an invitation to take stock of what you need to feel safe in your body and secure in the world. What mothering do you need and how can you best deliver it to yourself?

Mind the moodiness of the moon in its home turf, or surf as it were, and give yourself permission to change your mind, receive without impetus to act, and renew your resources through solitude, a good long bath and a hard won cry. 

On the same day as the new moon, the lunar nodes are saying farewell to the abundance/scarcity, consume/expel axis of Taurus and Scorpio and moving into Aries and Libra where they will play out a saga of the individual/collective, mine/thine, fierceness/fairness through 2025.

A graphic of a woman floating alone at sea.
Cancer season is a time to tap into, but not be crushed beneath our feels. Float don’t flounder!

Fire and fanfare come a roaring in with jazz hands and sex manes when the sun enters Leo on July 22. This marks a collective course shift from the internal to the external, from the desire to nourish to the desire to be noticed. 

The very same day, Venus, planet of love, attachment, attraction and assets goes retrograde in the sign of the lion. Just as Mercury retrograde disrupts communication to teach us how we can better relate to the world around us so to does Venus retrograde call us to question our relationship with pleasure and resources and help up firm up, or take our leave of, any romantic entanglements.

Read on to learn more and read for your rising sign!

Welcome to July, Aries! This Venus retrograde could see the reemergence of a long lost lover. What have you learned about intimacy in the time since that relationship dissolved? The appearance or exhumation of this ex may or may not be an invitation to reconcile but it is absolutely a chance to see how you’ve grown as a recipient and bearer of life’s intimacies,

Ice cream cones bouquet isolated on white background
Buy yourself a bouquet this month Taurus, be it of wildflowers or ice cream cones.
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My bull babies, do you want to be right or do you want to have a relationship? It turns out you can stand your ground without digging in you heels this month Taurus; speak true but deliver soft and remember that life is richer shared and conflict is not only healthy but necessary. As a creature of habit and habitual comfort I give you humble license to beautify your home and dinner table this month. Buy the bouquet, use the good napkins, and eat gorged garden tomatoes like they’re going out of season.

Air on this side of kind during the hot mouth month of July Gemini — words are your gift and your ammunition and you are equally capable of throwing knives or showing mercy. With everyone under the zodiac wheel feeling the effects of Venus’s retrograde you are tasked, neigh blessed with the mission of whispering sweet everything, earnest praises and compassionate critiques to the world at large.

Venus retrograde begins a 40 day investigation into your relationship with wealth and worth, Cancer. As you set sail on those strange tides I ask you to consider, what resources have you repressed and what unsung talents are begging to be explored? Where does your resistance to sharing your gifts stem from? Venus retrograde wants you to show up, glow up and get paid for your inner riches.

Confetti flying around group celebrating a party with large cake and drinks on table in front of them
Happy return of the sun to you Leo!

It’s the season of the lion pride and a beautiful thing to behold. You are aces at giving others reasons to celebrate themselves but as the zodiac’s resident hype man you often look outside of yourself for a flood of roses and a round of applause, Leo. What or who made you ashamed to lay claim to the glorious sun god you are? What rejection did you experience and how is it causing you to repeat a cycle of rejecting yourself? Venus retrograde in your season, in your sign can be a time of milk and honey for big cats, lap it up and pour it on, you were born worthy of love.

Venus retrograde is doing the nude backstroke in your twelfth house of the unconscious mind and self undoing, Virgo. This is a house of revenants and reflections and while it is a place of solitude it is also the domain of hidden enemies. More often than not, and especially in your case Virgo, that enemy is you and that weapon is self-denial. Why and when do you turn away from what feels good? Turn your face to the sun, your thoughts to pleasure and your mind to believing the best awaits you.

This Venus retrograde is going down, or back as It were, in your eleventh house of community, Libra urging you to seek out companionship that feels equivalent and resonant. Guilty of using people pleasing as a deflection tactic, Venus In Leo wants you to bare yourself, needs and all, so that you might deepen your relationships with others. Speak so you may be heard, share so you can be known. Anyone that wants a doormat can see themselves out, those that want a wholly formed, beautifully complex bag of history and hope can form a line to the left.

Astrology 101: Your guide to the stars

Person clapping at the sun.
Give yourself a sunburn and a round of applause this month, Scorpio.
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Venus In Leo is stoking the fires of your tenth house of career and public image Scorpio, encouraging you to surge with pride with whatever you’re doing and wherever you are. You are your own barometer of success so give yourself an atta boy, an out of office lunch and big f—king high five (which I guess is a clap but that works beautifully for what we’re getting to here.)

You’ve come a long way baby and if you can’t appreciate the journey taken thus far what point is there in keeping on? Validate yourself, accept that the backpedals are part of the plan and you are a glorious gift to any and all professional avenues.

Fall in love with going and growing during this Venus retrograde, Sagittarius. You are your most vital and inspiring self when you are active and/or actively learning, moving and grooving my babies. Top off the chalice of your joie de vivre by breaking from routine, taking to the hills and taking on the challenge of a trip, psychedelic or otherwise. As a fun and sign appropriate endeavor, look into booking an astrocartography reading to shed light on what coordinates in the world vibe high for you.

A full supermoon in your sign sets a purposeful tone for your summer of love, Capricorn. Venus is activating your eighth house of sex, death and messy rebirth. Themes of the eighth house include other people’s resources and though this is often resigned to finances, time, trust, vulnerability and love are perhaps the most precious kinds of capital. Choose wisely who you are willing to share with but scare yourself into and through the dark by sharing and baring it all.

couples stock
Relationships (matching outfits not required) take center stage for Aquarians this month.

Venus in Leo is lighting up your seventh house of partnership, Aquarius a sphere that includes significant others, close confidantes and business partners.

Venus will form an interesting square with Jupiter and Uranus in earth god Taurus in your fourth house of roots and real estate suggesting tension between the sacred solitary space you are trying to make for yourself and the people that you feel attracted and obliged to.

Rest assured that you don’t have to choose between the extremes of loneliness and codependence in your relationships. You are wholly capable of balancing and integrating the needs of the self and the asks of others.

Venus is activating your sixth house of service and daily habits, Pisces. While this may sound like the dull domain of vitamins, vacuuming and stringent skin care your quotidian rituals can and should take wilder and wider form this summer.

Think lunch break masturbation, ecstatic dance, nature baths, a commitment to watching the sunrise each day or reading a poem/meditating every morning before you look at your phone. Make lavishing a labor and whatever you do, stick to it.

The sixth house is also the house of boundaries so while you’re busy taking extra excellent care of yourself, make sure and define for you and defend from naysayers the holy being that you are.

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