Airbnb host reveals the trash and treasures people leave behind

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Talk about Airbn-free.

An Airbnb host seems to have hit the lottery after revealing what her guests leave behind after a few-day stay.

The user, known as @atouchofclass_miami on TikTok, has began a hit series on the platform flaunting her rental finds, which range from half-used jugs of milk to unopened 48-packs of Coca-Cola.

A video posted on Thursday showed multiple bottles of wine, cans of Truly hard seltzers, leftover meals and a few containers of mysterious, unlabeled liquids left behind by guests who only stayed two nights in her lavish Miami mansion.

One guest even left behind a brand new, Barbie pink Marc Jacobs bag and told the host she could keep it.

In a TikTok from this week, the TikToker showed her previous guests, who stayed a total of three nights in the multi-bed unit for a bachelorette getaway, graciously left her some cooking spray, Dove chocolates, a box of unopened Frosted Flakes cereal, a collection of sunglasses, rose-colored balloons that spelled “bride” and a plethora of snacks.

Frosted Flakes cereal box
Renters left behind snacks and beverages galore — and the host even scored a free Marc Jacobs crossbody.

Chicken breast left in fridge
The TikToker claimed she tosses any opened foods or drinks but will keep unopened items.

While users in the comments were quick to judge the temporary tenants for trashing the property, the Airbnb host assured her 69,000-some followers that she never expects her guests to clean up.

“As I’ve mentioned before ‘I never expect guests to clean anything throughout their stay,’” she wrote in the video’s caption.

In response to one viewer who was shocked that much of the items are tossed, the TikTok creator explained that she trashes anything “that’s already opened,” showing footage of her dumping a jug of milk, a liter of soda and various half-finished beverages down the drain.

Much of the comments under her videos are sheer excitement and shock, complimenting the content creator for hitting the “jackpot” or scolding the renters who left their belongings behind.

balloons that spell out bride
A bachelorette party left behind the remnants of their wild weekend getaway.

In one clip, she showed footage of herself dumping multiple opened beverages into the sink.
In one clip, she showed footage of herself dumping multiple opened beverages into the sink.

“Idk how people leave stuff i take everything I buy,” chided one viewer.

“Why do people leave their used junk behind?!” inquired another flabbergasted TikToker.

“People just … leave stuff? I’m baffled,” wrote someone else.

“You hit the jackpot!!” cheered one person.

“My parents taught me that you leave everything as you found it. I couldn’t ever leave a place like this!” one disgusted user commented on one video that showed footage of unmade beds and towels strewn on the bathroom floors.

The Post has reached out to the TikToker for comment.

Airbnb host
The AirBnB host has amassed an impressive following with her TikTok series.

Despite the negative TikTok comments towards the guests, this creator’s luxe rental property puts others to shame.

Other Airbnb guests at various locations have stumbled across bug infestations and hidden cameras, while some listings on the popular vacation rental site have turned out to be phony.

One renter arrived at a listing only to discover it was simply a bathroom with a mattress placed inside, aptly dubbed on Twitter as “Airbnpee.”

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